Check your Airtame 2 device

We have recently seen some issues with the HDMI handshake functionality, where the Airtame 2 device may be unable to connect with the display. This only occurs with a small number of display types, and only on devices that shipped after June 3rd 2021.

If you are experiencing this issue with your devices, they may have to be returned to Airtame for replacement. Please check the serial number of one device from each batch to determine if they might be impacted:

*The serial number can be found on the bottom of the Airtame 2 device (under the magnet mount) and also on the side of the original packaging.

The serial number that you've tried pasting here doesn't seem valid. Make sure to also include the '-'.

Please double check the serial number as it seems to be incomplete.

Good news! Your device is not impacted by this issue. If you are having any difficulties with your Airtame device, please contact Technical Support here.

    Unfortunately, it looks as though your devices are impacted by this issue, and you may have to return them to Airtame for an update. Please provide the following information, and someone from our Tech Support team will contact you with more details on the RMA process:

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