Wireless streaming with unlimited possibilities

Collaborate and share your screen with colleagues using the award winning HDMI® dongle with a simple 1 click solution that works across:     Windows white Apple white Linux white Android white Ios white Windows phone white

AIRTAME enables you to stream from any device to any monitor. It's a new way of collaborating and working at home, the office or presenting to an audience.

Join some of the world's leading organizations in making a difference in your work-life today.

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It works just the way, you want it to

No matter what device you have, you now have the ability to wirelessly stream to a monitor what you want, when you want.

No wires, no hassle and it works with:

Windows black Apple black Linux black Android black Ios black Windows phone black

Get started in just 4 simple steps


1. Plug in the dongle

Insert the dongle into the monitor of your choice and power it up using the USB cable provided.


2. Install

Install the AIRTAME software once onto your computer, tablet or smartphone. Nothing else is needed in the sending device.


3. Select

From the drop down menu, simply choose which AIRTAME you wish to stream to.


4. Stream

Stream to the AIRTAME dongle and to other computers through the existing network or hotspot.

And why settle with only one feature?

Duplicate multiple screens

Duplicate to one or multiple screens

Presentations have never been simpler. Send the entire desktop to another monitor, projector or TV.

Extend desktop

Extend your desktop

Use the extend function to drag your programs to a larger monitor to help you multitask or provide that extra attention to detail.

Share screen

Share your screen

Need a second opinion, or want to present an idea to a colleague? Send your screen through a private stream for real time feedback.

Stream from device

Stream from your device

Showcase local media from your tablet / mobile, and present what you want from the palm of your hand.

Doing more with less.
Collaborate the way you want!

Present how you want

Present how you want

Showcasing the presentation that you have spent hours on can now be done from any device you want. Someone has a point they want to show? Simply change the presenter to enable them to show their screen.

Extend to what you want

Extend to what you want

Working on a small laptop doesn't mean that you have to stick to it. Simply connect to the monitor you want, and use the additional space to work on projects that require that extra attention to detail.

Change the way through collaboration

Change the way through collaboration

You don't have to bring a bunch of cables and converters when you are going to present. Just bring AIRTAME with you! Plug it into the projector and start experiencing how presenting should be in the 21st century.

A dongle created with the end user in mind

Wireless white


Using standard WiFi technology means that the AIRTAME dongle will be able to work with whatever suits you.

Plug n play white

Plug and play

Once connected, you can simply stream from any device and enjoy the content on the larger monitor whenever you want.

Cross platform white

Cross platform

Who said that you should have to choose one platform? AIRTAME is device and system agnostic to be as collaborative as possible.

Hardware independent white

Hardware independent

We made the system independent from whatever was in your device from the manufacturer. Simply download the software to be ready to stream!

The hardware is the heart
- but the software is the soul

Versatile white


The intelligent software is capable of using different encoding settings, and changing various parameters based on what you are using the AIRTAME for.

Security white

Built for security

With enterprise grade encryption, AIRTAME keeps your information safe and secure at all times, keeping peeping toms out of your business.

Open source white

Open Source

By engaging with the open source community we bring you the innovation that you want at the pace you need it. We're building a wireless future together.

Scalable white


Wether you have one or a thousand devices, you can be sure that the AIRTAME system would improve the way you collaborate as an organization.

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