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"Airtame is a surprisingly intuitive and refreshing solution for wireless PC screen-mirroring. It's easy to set up and responsive, and the software (available for Linux, Windows and OS X) even supports beaming one PC to multiple screens. It's a Miracast dongle on steroids."

- Richard Lai, Senior Editor, Engadget

Think of a Wireless HDMI cable. Then add some features.

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Get started

Plug in

Plug your AIRTAME into the HDMI port of your TV, projector or monitor and power it up through the USB cable.


Choose which AIRTAME to stream to from your computer.


Let the streaming begin - sit back and enjoy.

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Duplicate your screen

Duplicate your computer screen to any TV, projector or monitor. Watch FULL HD content on your bigger screen. Show family pictures, the latest movies, play games or browse the web. Basically, you can do the same thing on your TV as you can do on your computer.

Extend your desktop

Wirelessly extend your desktop to get more workspace. Drag the windows you want to display on the bigger screen and keep the rest on your own screen. You can, for example, show a presentation on the bigger screen while keeping your notes on your own. Or just watch an HD video while browsing the Internet or tweeting. That’s up to you.

Duplicate to multiple screens

Duplicate your computer screen to as many screens as you want to. Show your HD content on multiple displays - at the same time. So if you want to show content to your friends or colleagues simultaneously it’s now possible.

PC to PC

With the AIRTAME software you are actually able to share your computer screen to both AIRTAME and other computers - at the same time. Your computer screen will open in a new window on the other computer.

It's for everyone:

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know more about the technology - where?

You can either check our Indiegogo campaign here where we have described both the technology and the story behind it. You can also visit our support forum here and see an extended FAQ section.

If I preorder now, when will I get my AIRTAME?

The estimated shipping for pre-orders is in Q4 2014. The indiegogo deliveries is expected to commence in October 2014, and pre-orders will follow shortly. We will write you before we ship, asking you to confirm your address and payment. We will not charge your card before we ship. 

So far people from 80+ different countries have joined the project. Join now!