The most flexible wireless collaboration platform

Airtame’s all-in-one technology makes it simple to collaborate using screens, whether for displaying content, mirroring content, or conducting video meetings across platforms.

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How does Airtame work?

We unlock your content sharing and conferencing needs.

Teachers, managers, IT configurators, students, guests, or anyone else – our wireless solutions for screen sharing, digital signage, and video conferencing make content sharing and video calls effortless. So, whether you're using screens for content sharing or collaborating on calls, Airtame has you covered.

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Hybrid Conferencing

Is your organization using conferencing services, like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex or Zoom? Have you ever wished you could accept video calls from other providers when needed? Do you want better video call performance? Do you wish your users and guests could share content during the call without having to join it? How about integrating with the best brands for microphones and speakers of your choice? That's where we come in.

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Wireless Screen Sharing

Regardless of its sources and how you want to mirror it, your content can now be displayed on any screen, in any space, using any device that supports all major computer and mobile operating systems. Wish you could use popular web browser to instantly initiate screen sharing from any devices without requiring any new app downloads, installations or cables and dongles? We've got you covered.

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Digital Signage

Easily plan, display, and manage your desired content, whenever you need it, on the screens of your choice using our content management system. Access a wide range of integrations with the tools you already employ for content creation, including slides, images, videos, and even websites.



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Remote Management

The icing on the cake: Airtame Cloud allows you to configure and control all your content from anywhere in the world. You can choose when your displays turn on and off and schedule signage to ensure your screens consistently display up-to-date and relevant content.

The only solution for your entire building

Consistent user experience on all screens, all rooms, for everyone.

Turn your screens into effective collaboration and learning tools across your building. IT has full remote control over all screens, no matter their location or mode of interaction, while users enjoy a familiar onboarding and experience.

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With Airtame
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Integration and partners

The most integrated, compatible, and certified solution on the market - a future-proof investment.

What makes our solutions exceptionally convenient for you? The extensive integrations with content tools such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. This flexibility also extends to conferencing, providing a wide range of compatible camera and microphone options from top-tier brands.

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App integrations

Airtame integrates with the tools and services your organization already uses so you don’t have to learn new workflows or update content in multiple places.

Peripheral integrations

Airtame partners with industry-leading peripheral manufacturers, giving you the ultimate flexibility to customize each space with the optimal, equitable setup.