Everything you need to know about Airtame security

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Everything you need to know about Airtame security
Jessica Navarro
June 5th, 2019

Wireless screen sharing democratizes how you can use screens in an organization. Here’s how to get on the liberation train, while making sure your Airtame setup is secure

An important part of maintaining technology at a school or business is making sure your tech products work with your security setup, so you’re protected from all sides.

By that, we mean that there are different ways to secure, from physical security to network security. The benefit of investing in enterprise-level products, such as Airtame 2, is that these products come with options for security built-in.

Let’s go over some of the Airtame security features.

Pin Code Connect

Pin Code Connect, is an easy way to ensure that no one outside of the room can stream to Airtame.

When you enable Pin Code Connect, Airtame will require users to enter a random 4-digit pin code in order to start a stream. The pin code will appear on your TV or projector screen, which you then type into the Airtame app.

This easy to use feature makes sure that no one in or outside the room streams to the wrong screen and shows potentially private content to the wrong audience. It also prevents any unwanted mischief from outside of the room.

Airtame Pin Code Connect

Kensington lock

With regards to physical security, a good old fashioned lock is a simple, yet effective solution. That’s why we designed Airtame 2 with a Kensington lock slot. Kensington is the cross-industry standard for physically securing your AV equipment.

Using the Kensington lock slot means you can confidently use Airtame in TVs or projectors in shared or public spaces without fear of leaving the device vulnerable to theft.

Not sure which Kensington lock to buy for your Airtame 2? Our trusted resellers recommend the Microsaver 2.0 lock sold by Kensington.

Web proxy support

As a part of their network security, many organizations use web proxy setups. A web proxy, in simple terms, is a filter between your computer and the internet. That means if you try to visit a website running malicious code, a web proxy could detect this as a bad site and prevent it from accessing the network.

Airtame supports web proxy setups, which organizations often use as a part of their network security. Airtame requires internet access to run updates and display websites or dashboards, which makes web proxy support essential for enterprise-level organizations. Check out our article to see how easy it is to configure a web proxy on Airtame.

Looking for more ways to beef up your security? We’ve got some tips for you on how to improve your network security.

Airtame Cloud user roles

There are times we have to protect against security risks from inside our organizations. For example, our device management platform, Airtame Cloud, offers different user roles so private information, such as network settings, remains secure.

The user roles available are Owner, Admin, Manager, and User, suitable for every type of employee, staff, or student member you might have in your organization. Each role has a different degree of permissions to set new signage, edit streaming settings, or invite new users to Airtame Cloud.  

Airtame Cloud user roles

An enterprise-ready solution

For enterprises and other large organizations, such as educational institutions, security is not an area to be compromised. Airtame devices are built to work with your network security setup and take into account different aspects of Airtame security from locks to user roles.

Interested in learning more about what Airtame offers with regards to security? Our deployment guide is the place to go.

Interested? Let’s talk.

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