All the questions you could possibly have about Airtame 2

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All the questions you could possibly have about Airtame 2
Angela Murphy
October 10th, 2018

Have you heard the news? We’ve just launched a brand new hardware product. Get in the know with these Airtame 2 questions and answers (Q&A)

To help educate our customers, we’ve supplied answers to the Airtame 2 questions you are all likely to have on your lips. If we’ve missed any, feel free to reach out.

Questions related to Airtame 1

Why is Airtame 2 more expensive than the first generation device?

We are creating a new, more powerful and better product. The improvements are based on experience from the first generation, feedback from customers and the development of technology in general, which requires more parts, which are often more expensive too.

The product is more expensive to produce, with superior components to the previous generation, and is thus more expensive to purchase.

What are the main differences between Airtame 1  and Airtame 2?

When can I expect my device to be delivered?

We will keep this article updated with expected shipping times and status.

How does Airtame 2 improve on latency and lag issues of the first generation device?

There are many factors affecting the latency and lag when streaming – including the network connection, Computer hardware, and Airtame.

Because of the hardware upgrades mentioned earlier in this post, Airtame 2 will be able to provide an improved streaming experience.

The upgraded network components will help improve the network connection and provide better stability during streaming.
Other upgrades including the total RAM and newer CPU will help improve the streaming experience with a more smooth image with more FPS (frames per second).
Additionally, it is worth mentioning the increased RAM to 2gb will provide better performance when Airtame 2 is running dashboards.

Questions on functionality

Will Airtame 2 handle 4K streaming?

Airtame 2 will, like Airtame 1, support 4K streaming, but will downscale to 1080p (Full HD). The Airtame 2 is not going to support streaming in 4K resolution.

From our years of obtaining customer feedback, it became clear that full HD 1080p streaming @ 60 frames per second would be the most effective and necessary output for most business and education environments. Furthermore, the decision to down-prioritize 4K streaming allows us to keep the price of Airtame 2 lower than our B2B competitors.

How does Airtame 2 compare to Chromecast?

It does not compare. Chromecast is an entertainment device for streaming Video/TV. Airtame 2 is a B2B solution, incorporating functionalities applicable to mass business and education rollouts, such as WPA2 encrypted network access, cloud management, and digital signage. For more info, read our Chromecast comparison article.

An Airtame 2 device and a Chromecast device

How does Airtame 2 compare to Apple TV?

It does not compare. Apple TV is an entertainment device for streaming Video/TV, solely for Apple products. Airtame 2 is a B2B solution, incorporating functionalities applicable to mass business and education rollout, such as WPA2 encrypted network access, cloud management and digital signage. For more info, read our Apple TV comparison article.

How does Airtame 2 compare to other B2B wireless screen sharing solutions?

You can see a full comparison overview here.

Can this new and improved Airtame be used for home use?

It is not a replacement for Chromecast when it comes to TV/Movie-streaming. It is a product for Business and Education use: presentations, digital signage, etc.

Questions on accessories

Airtame 2 comes with a non-removable adhesive to mount the device. What if I need to move my TV?

The non-removable adhesive is one-time use only, and therefore should only be used for a permanent Airtame placement. You do not need to drill into a wall – the adhesive sticks to a surface and the magnet attaches to the Airtame device securely.

If a user is trying the Airtame 2 device, is likely to move it or the screen they need to connect it to, then we recommend not using the adhesive, and instead using the magnetic wall mount. Many TVs and projectors have magnetic areas on the frame, on to which the customer can attach the magnet. This allows for a more flexible AV solution, while still keeping your Airtame 2 mounted and in good wireless range.

Why does the Aircord have an adhesive?

This is to ensure better, cleaner cable management. The Aircord adhesive is not essential for a successful setup.

Can I get replacement adhesives for the Aircord and magnetic wall mount? How about magnetic wall mounts?

Yes, to both. Please contact or your Airtame rep if you need to purchase replacements.

Will the magnetic wall mount damage my TV screen?

No. This is only the case for rear projection, CRT TVs. Airtame 2 has been user tested with multiple modern TVs and no magnet issue has occurred.

Questions around purchasing

Will Airtame 2 work as an add-on to my first-gen Airtame set-up?

It is not an add-on device. However, if a customer has a first generation Airtame, they will be able to work alongside each other in the Cloud.

I installed the first-gen solution in my workplace only a few months ago. What are my buy-back or discounting options?

We have no buy-back scheme for pre-existing customers. If you are a mass deployment customer looking to upgrade your system, please contact your sales representative or reach us directly at

Can I use your 30-day free trial and returns policy to send the first-gen product back, and pay extra for Airtame 2?

You are entitled to return your Airtame first-gen devices within 30 days of receiving them (returns shipment is at the customer’s expense). You will be fully refunded for the initial purchase, at which point you can buy a new batch of Airtame 2.

Questions about everything else

Will you continue to support first-gen devices with new firmware/software?

Answer here: Airtame 1 future – Support article

Where is Airtame 2 manufactured?

Airtame 2 was designed in Denmark; the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is assembled in Sweden; the packaging in Poland; and, the rest of the production is in China, and final assembly across Europe.

Is Airtame 2 energy efficient?

The Airtame 2 consumes more energy than first gen, as it is a more powerful system.

I powered my Airtame first-gen device through the TV before (via the USB cable). Why can’t I do this with Airtame 2?

Airtame 2 is a more powerful device and thus needs a committed power output. It cannot get enough power from the TV-USB -Output.

When does the Airtame 2 start shipping?

Shipment for the first batch of Airtame 2 rolls out in early to mid-November.

Is the packaging recyclable?

The current packaging for Airtame 2 is mostly recyclable (minus the supplied foam fitting). We are currently investigating a more sustainable packaging solution.

Still got more questions? Watch this short video and find out how Airtame works:

Once again, feel free to shout out if you have another question. We are happy to help!

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