Artful signage: exhibit beautiful art in your workplace

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Artful signage: exhibit beautiful art in your workplace
May 6th, 2019

Sick of dashboards? Up your digital signage game and display some of the most incredible artworks of all time

A positive work environment is more than just about great company culture. It’s also about creating a workplace that stimulates creativity, productivity and reduces stress.

Not only does artwork have the ability to impress your customers, clients or office guests, it can increase employee morale by creating a positive and efficient atmosphere. A splash of color or abstract art can inspire your entire organization to be at its best.

Research by Psychology professors Dr. Craig Knight and Dr. S Alexander Haslam proves a direct link between the working environment and levels of well-being, professional satisfaction and productivity. An experiment studying the effect of the office environment on staff productivity saw a group of employees perform an hour’s worth of administrative tasks in an office without visual stimulation and another do so in an ‘enriched’ office space decorated with art and plants.

In an office with art, employees worked approximately 15% faster than those in the lean office.

A survey confirms the results conducted by the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association of Professional Art Advisors of more than 800 employees of 32 companies that displayed art in the workplace, 94% of respondents agreed that art enhanced the work environment; 78% said that it contributed to reduced stress; 64% saw increased creativity and productivity, and 67% said that it enhanced morale. These statistics demonstrate the potential return on investment concerning corporate art and visual design.

Art in the office doesn’t have to be costly

Not every company has a dedicated art budget to invest in museum-quality pieces. The good news is there are alternative ideas and new technologies supporting cost-effective art that smart companies are using to enhance office spaces such as ArtPlayer.

artful digital signage office clean 1

ArtPlayer is a TV streaming and digital signage art service that decorates and creates ambiance, which makes it ideal for workplaces. It works on PC, tablet or mobile, but can easily be integrated into your own info screen and digital signage system as a screen feed.

ArtPlayer displays world famous high-resolution art and nature images accompanied by pleasant background music based on your selected settings. Inspired by Bill Gates, who already in the early 1990s displayed art on framed and wall-mounted PC screens at his mansion, ArtPlayer was launched as a contrast to traditional digital signage.

Putting a spotlight on the world’s most famous painters

ArtPlayer includes the most famous works from all the great art movements: Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Symbolism, Expressionism, Realism, Abstract Art & Cubism, Modern Art. Big star works are presented from the likes of Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Klimt, Gauguin, Munch and many more, all in resplendent 4K UHD.

artful digital signage artplayer moods 1 1

ArtPlayer can display artworks and nature pictures based on your selected mood setting: Happy, Sad, Calm, Excited, Awed, Disgusted, Angry or Afraid. The mood selection is done using image recognition technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms analyzing brightness, contrast, edges, color, texture, layout, shape etc.

Best of all? If you have an Airtame installed in your workplace, you can use ArtPlayer’s URL to automatically display beautiful art when you’re not actively streaming to your screens. Simply copy your unique ArtPlayer URL, and paste it in as the Homescreen background on your Airtame device settings.

Eager to get started? Try ArtPlayer for free on, and reach out to their main man, Morten Kryger, if you are eager to learn more about their fantastic custom solution.

Interested? Let’s talk.


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