Powerful new updates to the Airtame Cloud

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Powerful new updates to the Airtame Cloud
August 10th, 2018

Our Cloud environment is being improved constantly! Here’s the lowdown on our most recent Cloud updates

Our engineering team continues to improve our software and Airtame Cloud environment, making every IT admin’s job easier, and opening up Airtame Cloud to even more users.

And now we are ready to launch a few new features to make that Airtame Cloud experience even more heavenly.

URL refresh rate for background content

Our website application allows you to display a public URL on your Airtames’ Homescreen – transforming the blank or otherwise turned off TV screens around your workplace. Nothing new there, but we have just launched the ability to manually set periodic refreshing of your configured and presented URL. That’s up-to-the-minute content from a website or intranet, straight to your standby screens!

The Airtame Cloud Website App now allows users to specify an interval for the periodic refreshing of their configured URL. As of now, you can set the refresh to 10-minute, 1-hour, 12-hour or 1-day intervals.

How to set it up:

  1. Enable Homescreen view on your Airtame.cloud account
  2. Select the device/devices that you want to show the Website app on
  3. Click on Switch App
  4. Select Website
  5. Enter the URL you want to display and select Page Reload Interval
  6. Save and Apply settings
Screenshot from the Airtame Cloud Homescreen settings
Discover more opportunities for your homescreens with our World Clock, Google Slides, Trello and Unsplash apps.

✋ Current limitations with URL background content

Airtame’s background web browser cannot show all website content. Additionally, please keep in mind that Airtame loads URL in iFrame. These are the current things it does not work with:

Note that this feature is only available from the cloud, and not the “Homescreen Background” selector in the desktop app.

User roles and Group permissions

A lot of our customers have multiple locations and campuses in which they are using Airtames. Sometimes that calls for local admins and supporters, who just need to see and administer Airtames in their own local environment.

To help with this we’re now launching user roles, meaning that you as an Airtame Cloud organization owner can define what groups of devices that your Airtame Cloud account users can see and what level of permissions they will have.

A screenshot from the Airtame Cloud showing user roles

There will be 3 roles that you can assign your users under:


The admin is a role that has access to all options and groups of devices in the cloud. This role can also create more groups, invite users and set permissions for other users.


The manager role can access all settings to devices and add new Airtames to his/her groups, but you can specify what groups the manager can access. Managers cannot add groups, invite users or change user permissions.


Users only have access to the Airtame devices via the Homescreen tab in the Cloud. Users can change what apps and Homescreen settings that are set on Airtames, but not access settings, add Airtames, invite users or change user permissions. You can specify which groups users can see.

☝️ Owner:

This is not a selectable role. There can only be one owner of an organization and they hold the exclusive rights to delete the organization account, once all other users have been deleted, as well as the ability to move the ownership role to another user.

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