How Airtame can help schools reopen safely

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How Airtame can help schools reopen safely
April 23rd, 2021

As many schools around the world continue to gradually reopen, the health and safety of teachers and students is paramount.

Thankfully, Airtame provides access to a number of features and benefits that can help make the return to the classroom safer for everyone.

Use digital signage to share health and safety messages

Airtame’s digital signage offers an efficient, visual means of keeping students and teachers up to date with relevant health and safety information. It removes a lot of the manual, time-intensive work associated with updating traditional notice boards and online portals, and can be easily, centrally managed and updated through Airtame Cloud.

There are many ways digital signage can be used to share health and safety messages within a school environment. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Share specific safety instructions in classrooms, cafeterias, hallways and reception areas – Using a tailored Google Slides deck, a YouTube video or an image saved to Dropbox or Microsoft Onedrive, you can remind students, teachers and visitors of the safety procedures they need to follow on school grounds. This could include anything from the need to wear a mask and sanitize hands frequently, to tips on how to keep a safe distance.
  2. Remind students, staff and visitors of support services – Returning to school can be an overwhelming experience for many. With Airtame’s digital signage, you can share encouraging messages and remind students to look out for their classmates. You can also share information about mental health support services and resources that students, teachers and parents can access. You may choose to feature this information via apps like PowerPoint, or display existing messages shared on your school website.

For more on how to use digital signage to promote safety at school, check out this blog.

Embrace a blended approach to learning

Over the last year, more and more schools have needed to consider adopting a blended approach to learning as a means of keeping students and teachers safe. Blended learning is a setup that provides students and educators with more flexibility through a mix of face-to-face classroom time, independent online lessons, and sometimes, a hybrid of the two. Airtame supports blended learning through bring-your-own-device and one-to-many screen sharing, as well as working alongside a video conference call.

  1. Spread lessons out across spaces and classrooms – With Airtame, educators can share class material to multiple screens at a time, across classrooms, as well as within large spaces like gymnasiums and cafeterias. Sharing happens securely over the school’s network, meaning wherever there’s network coverage, a teacher can remotely communicate with students. They can also move around with ease, without cables tethering them to a single spot or room.
  2. Support for bring your own device – With the demand for school computers currently outweighing supply, some schools may be left without the appropriate number of computers. With Airtame, students can easily present from any device of their own using AirPlay, Miracast, or Google Cast. This helps facilitate a more student-centered approach during face-to-face classes, and it also gives students the freedom to use shared screens during independent or study group time.
  3. Accommodate for students learning from home – Many schools have implemented video conferencing systems to help teachers conduct remote lessons for students learning from home. With Airtame, screen sharing can take place alongside a conference call so that everyone can participate. Check out this article to learn more about using Airtame with different conferencing systems.

For more on how Airtame supports blended learning, check out this this blog.

Avoid unnecessary contact with wireless screen sharing and remote device management

While an increasing percentage of the global population is being vaccinated against Coronavirus, many students and teachers haven’t received a vaccine. With this in mind, social distancing measures remain in place and should be prioritized in school environments.

While screen sharing can create more engaging lessons for students, passing a cable around the classroom has the potential to spread germs and make distancing more difficult.

With Airame’s wireless screen sharing, there’s no need for teachers or students to physically touch any cables or dongles when presenting to the big screen. They can simply connect from their desk, and disconnect when they’re finished presenting. This removes the need to pass a cable or dongle from person to person, reducing contact.

With Airtame Cloud, IT administrators and communications departments can remotely update and manage screens, without physically touching noticeboards. Using Scheduled Content under the Looped Content feature, you can plan digital signage in advance according to specific hours and days of the week. This way, admins can set a schedule for the week and get the correct message out at the right time with very little maintenance.

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