How Airtame supports your security journey

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How Airtame supports your security journey
October 17th, 2022

Ever wondered how Airtame is actively helping our customers to support their security journey and goals? Today we will be discussing what and how we do it, both from the product and the company side.

Information security has had a growing role in the last few years and it is finally becoming a substantial part of every business. That is why, among other reasons, supply chain and the audit of sub processors and vendors are becoming critical when creating a business case and deciding who to do business with. In this post we are giving you an overview of how security is being prioritised at Airtame so you can be certain about our posture and your own when using our products, including Airtame’s latest launch: hybrid conferencing with Airtame Hub and Airtame Rooms. Let’s start the tour.

Airtame 2 and Airtame Hub, hardware built with security in mind

Threat intelligence and risk management are embedded during the design phase and throughout the lifecycle of the products so decisions are made accordingly considering the feedback from external researchers, early adopters, developers and of course, our customers. From their conception as products, security has been considered in order to create the awesome product you already know with enterprise capabilities that make their addition to your current IT infrastructure painless.

Do you have strict access controls in your network? We got you covered. You will always be able to use the recently added 802.1x Ethernet authentication (and device certificates) to give Airtame devices secure access to your local network. Likewise, you don’t need to add any exception to your USB device control list since Airtame will just work using Miracast, Airplay or running the executable app, making it more accessible to all the employees. And yes, you can always mass-deploy the Airtame app if you have the capability.

Both Airtame 2 and Airtame Hub (and our Cloud platform as well) are periodically pentested by an external third party which ensures that our devices stay fit. Although we need to be honest with you and ourselves. 100% security is not a thing so we cannot guarantee it, but be sure that we will always do our best to support you in the journey and let you know if something is not working as expected. That is also why update cadence is important and we constantly monitor and launch new versions of our firmwares. We also believe in a shared responsibility model where both company and customers work together to set up the environment in the most efficient and secure way possible.

We could list all the security features you can find in our products but it would be almost endless: PIN code connect, Kensington lock, web proxy support … However, we will point something quite relevant for our hybrid conferencing solution. When running conference calls through the Airtame Hub, they will be routed through your own infrastructure and the one you have already approved with Microsoft Teams and Zoom (and more to come), so you don’t need to worry about extra procurement processes, extra security controls or anything like that.

Empowering our customers while keeping their data safe

Leaving the products aside, Airtame is committed to keeping your data safe and, in order to do so, we do have several processes implemented: information security awareness provided to the whole company, secure development lifecycle management that applies to both software and hardware, data protection and encryption in our datacenter located in Germany (AWS), security operations and vulnerability management to keep monitoring our infrastructure looking for potential threats and vulnerabilities, etc.

However, let’s leave it for a future post. Still interested? You can always read our page dedicated entirely to our security posture. If you want to know more about our solutions, including our hybrid conferencing, and how we can help you out, do not hesitate to contact us here.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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