How digital signage can promote safety and awareness in school common areas

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How digital signage can promote safety and awareness in school common areas
May 20th, 2020

Welcome back to the second installment of utilizing digital signage to promote safety and awareness in schools.

In our first blog of the series, we discussed how digital signage can be used in classrooms. This second installment will focus on how digital signage can be used in common areas in schools to communicate safety messages and increase awareness among students, teachers, parents and visitors. 

Common areas consist of any shared spaces on campus where people are likely to congregate, such as cafeterias, libraries, hallways and reception areas. With the current COVID-19 situation continuing to evolve and guidelines changing on a weekly basis, it’s crucial that people are kept up to date with the latest safety instructions. 

Within education, digital signage offers a unique, cost-effective means of keeping students engaged, as well as informed with relevant information. Unlike traditional signage, such as static noticeboards or posters, digital signage in common areas facilitates frequent, timely updates. These increase accuracy and enable the provision of highlight dynamic content that would not otherwise have been made available. It also takes the pressure off IT admins and heads of communication and operations, providing them with an easy, resource-friendly means of getting multiple important messages out to students, teachers and visitors in real-time.

Emphasize the importance of hygiene in cafeterias, libraries, gymnasiums and hallways

Whether it’s the school cafeteria, library, gymnasium or simply a hallway, there are many common areas around schools where people tend to congregate. Digital signage is a great way to remind people of specific safety guidelines within these spaces that tend to become overcrowded. With Airtame Cloud Plus, you can customize specific safety-related images, save them to Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive and use them to inform students of their allocated time and place to eat, to wash their hands thoroughly before and after eating, and to avoid sharing food. A simple image or series of images on-screen can serve as a prompt reminder, and help prevent common areas from becoming overpopulated. There is also the option to play safety-related YouTube videos or even stream YouTube live, to keep everyone informed when it comes to personal hygiene and safety during COVID-19.

Keep students and teachers informed about room schedules

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After many weeks of learning and teaching from home, both students and teachers may take some time to re-adjust to classes resuming on school premises. Sharing a clear overview of all major classrooms and shared learning spaces with Room Overview is a great way to remind people of where they need to be and which different rooms and facilities are being occupied at a certain time.

Keep parents and visitors updated with custom messaging

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It’s just as important for parents and visitors to the school to be aware of the safety measures in place while on school grounds. Ordinarily, parents are likely to congregate in common areas while they wait for students to finish school,  such as reception areas and hallways. Digital signage can help nudge visitors towards different locations in the school and prevent certain areas from overcrowding. For example, using a tailored Google Slide or a public website URL, you can remind visitors to follow government recommendations, such as practicing social distancing and sanitizing their hands.

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While using digital signage in schools and universities is effective in sharing information, the method of sharing information is also safe. With Airtame Cloud Plus, IT administrators and communications departments can remotely update and manage screens, without physically touching noticeboards. 

Sharing your screen with Airtame is also a much safer means of presenting than other alternatives, as it eliminates the need to pass around cables or dongles. 

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