OneDrive Video and Dropbox Video added to Airtame Cloud

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OneDrive Video and Dropbox Video added to Airtame Cloud
Angela Murphy
February 3rd, 2021

As of today, anyone with an Airtame Cloud subscription can explore digital signage playback with OneDrive Video and Dropbox Video.

More platforms, more videos

Video is a powerful communication tool. At least that’s the consensus of our customers.

Last May we released the YouTube app, a digital signage tool that lets you display public and unlisted videos, live broadcasts, and full playlists. This has since met the needs of many environments, including many schools that need a tool to help with regular broadcasts.

Although the YouTube app lets you share unlisted videos across screens, some organizations prefer the privacy of services like OneDrive and Dropbox. With that in mind, the next step after YouTube was to expand support for video playback with these two new apps.  

Along with the rest of Airtame’s digital signage apps, you can mix and match between the three video options. For example, some schools and workplaces might prefer OneDrive or Dropbox for screens in private areas, and YouTube for video content across shared spaces. With all video apps, you can choose to have the same video play on a loop or you can plan for a variety of videos to be shown at specific times with  Scheduled Content. Airtame Cloud even lets you copy a signage schedule from another screen, so it’s easy to have the same plan set up across different spaces and locations. 

Test out the new apps

If you already have at least one Cloud Plus seat, you can sign in and get started. Visit the “Screens” tab and proceed to sync your OneDrive and/or Dropbox account with Airtame. After that, simply choose 1) which video file to show and 2) the time(s) of day you want it to play. When you update your OneDrive or Dropbox folders, any new videos will be automatically added to what you see in the Cloud.

If you don’t have access yet but are interested in digital signage with Airtame Cloud, please fill out the form below and we’ll get you started as soon as possible.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Angela Murphy
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