How to do a successful Airtame rollout in a business

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How to do a successful Airtame rollout in a business
July 19th, 2018

Communication, support, maintenance, training. These are some of the things you have to consider when embracing a new technology such as Airtame

New technology in the workplace should give way to increased productivity, yet that’s not always the case. It often comes down to hesitancy among users to change certain behaviors. Implementing a new technology can be challenging, not just for management but for staff as well.

We want to help ease the transition and explain how a smooth and successful rollout of our devices can be obtained. In this article, we’ll share with you how to motivate employees and get the most out of Airtame.

This article seeks to help office environments which have already purchased and installed Airtame, looking at how to set-up Airtame for business purposes. Looking for a step-by-step guide for mass deployment? Here’s a helpful article on how to batch install, setup, and customize all devices.

Know these key features

The key features that make Airtame an improved experience for any office environment are:

  1. Airtame is designed for meeting room environments, presentations, and group collaboration. Use it for teamwork with a sketch program, display your slideshow with no flaws or show files, images, and notes.
  2. Airtame Cloud makes it easy for you and your IT team to remotely manage and monitor all devices and screens, making the whole workplace run more smoothly.
  3. With Airtame, showing something to a work colleague on the other side of the room is effortless since you can stream your screen to a TV near them.
  4. Get the most out of digital displays even when no one is streaming to Airtame. Never lose track of information or metrics since they’ll be continuously displayed around the office. Up your digital signage game with artful content, set a KPI dashboard, slideshow, public website, custom image or one of our Homescreen app integrations.
  5. All digital signage content is updated and refreshed the moment you make changes to it in the Cloud.
  6. Airtame is effortless to use for all employees and staff without the use of thick paper manuals or IT help. The guide layout can be edited to suit your company profile and a language of your choice. That way, your screens are always welcoming users with a set of simple guidelines that match their preferences.

If you haven’t purchased your first Airtame yet, here’s a quick demo of the product, and how it could help you and your colleagues at work:

Set up success criteria

Look at the quality and financial metrics before the rollout, so you have something to compare with and analyze afterward. Outline what success looks like after deploying Airtame in your company. This will help you focus on the progress and later make the adjustment process a lot simpler.

Some things to consider could be the number of Airtame apps downloaded, support ticket count, amount of troubleshooting, and speed of setup.

If you’re able to consider what challenges or risks you might face, the rollout will go more smoothly. If your current setup is a lot different than what it will look like after rolling out Airtame, that’s something you have to bear in mind too.

Communicate the rollout (with excitement!)

Even before the rollout, you should communicate that changes will be occurring. Inform employees of the new features they will experience, how it benefits their daily work, and what improvements they can expect to see. In short, how simply it is for your colleagues to connect their laptops to a screen while in meetings.

Image of wireless screen mirroring from a laptop to a TV in a business environment

This lets employees get more comfortable with the rollout and reduces some of the stress tied to changes in the workplace. You might even be able to recruit a few “ambassadors” that are excited about the new changes, who can communicate the benefits to their teams as well.

Explain what motivated the change, and address the fact that it takes a collective effort to manage a successful rollout. When you communicate the changes, remember to announce what exactly will change, how Airtame will help employees perform better, and what they should expect in every situation where Airtame is used.

Configure your setup

Consider who should have administrative rights and who should be regular users in your organization. Many office environments have clients coming and going who need to present material on displays as well, so make sure you’re prepared for guests.

Display simple connection instructions on the Homescreen, personalized for your convenience. That way, using Airtame in your organization quickly becomes common knowledge both for employees coming in every day and outside visitors who need easy guidelines at a glance.

You can’t be sure what device your guests are using or what IT regulations they must adhere. If your guests aren’t allowed to download external programs such as the Airtame App, they can use the guest app, downloaded or hosted on a local memory stick.

As the IT admin, you’ll want to set up administrative rights for yourself but perhaps other individuals as well. It could be for employees who need to be able to access and update content while you’re on vacation.

To make the process of updating content easier, have an internal forum where content updates can be discussed so relevant administrators know what to display.

Start training

To better understand how Airtame works, we suggest doing live demonstrations on how to connect and stream so your colleagues quickly become familiar with the product. We also suggest sharing this ‘What is Airtame?’ video with the entire company, which shows you how easy Airtame is to use.

Add an extra layer of security

You can get access to user rights in the Cloud. If you want extra security in your office environment to make sure screen content gets an additional layer of protection, set up PIN-Code Connect and Password Protection.

With PIN Code Connect, only users watching the TV can connect and start streaming. Each time they want to stream, they have to enter a randomized 4-digit passcode. Password Protection ensures that settings for a particular or all devices are locked so no one can change them or the content.

In the Airtame Cloud, you can invite other users to join the Cloud account you’ve set up. In the Cloud, you’re able to update the devices in bulk, edit individual setting as well as update digital signage content.

Offer continuous support

If you have an IT admin, make sure this person has been identified as the “trainer”, who can help onboard the rest of the employees and be the designated helper if issues should occur. This person should provide ongoing information on updates or other functionalities to help the rest of the staff achieve the full potential of Airtame.

Get started with digital signage

Even if you haven’t used digital signage as a means of communication before, digital signage is likely something your office can benefit from.

Use your screens to show an image, website or custom dashboard when no one is streaming to Airtame. This is also a great way to greet potential visitors to your office, with personalized backgrounds on your standby screens, and simple instructions to follow when you are ready to get going and start presenting.

Digital signage deployment in a lounge area

And then there’s more! Our recent update gives you access to four app integrations that will prove useful for digital signage in the office as well for greater functionality and aesthetics.

Use Trello for smarter team collaboration, display artful imagery for inspiration or set up world clocks for other office branches.

Analyze and adjust

Usually, when you roll out a new technology, the hardest part is getting people onboard. Once they’ve seen how Airtame can help them work more effectively, all that’s left to do is keep an eye on how you can better the product for your environment.

Keep working with all employees and hearing what they have to say about the new product that they’re now using on a daily basis. We suggest actively soliciting feedback from employees on how to improve the experience and even sharing this with Airtame to improve the product itself.

Identify areas of improvements as you start using Airtame. Is there anything you’re missing in your environment, any product development you would like us to focus on building? Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help you work smarter.


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