5 Ways Airtame Products Can Revolutionize Your Classroom

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5 Ways Airtame Products Can Revolutionize Your Classroom
May 11th, 2023

As a teacher, it can be challenging to keep students engaged, especially in today’s digital age. Luckily, Airtame products can make your life easier by providing you with tools you need to create a more interactive and engaging learning experience. Here are the top ways Airtame can make your life easier:

1. Wireless Screen Sharing

All Airtame solutions allow you to share your screen wirelessly, eliminating the need for cables and adapters, making it easier for you to present information to your class. No longer tethered to a desk or podium, you are empowered to roam around the classroom and check-in with students in a more natural way. As Instructional Technology Coordinator of Warren Country Public Schools, Matt Kresslein, can attest, “We have transitioned to TVs with the Airtame platform, which has freed our teachers to move around the room as they lead digital lessons delivered wirelessly from mobile devices. This has proven to be far more impactful than standing in the front of the room while students use their Chromebooks.” It provides students with the opportunity to ask questions and receive tailored 1:1 support, without needing to pause a lesson midway through. You can wirelessly share your screen through a web browser, through native protocols such GoogleCast, Airplay, and Miracast, or through the Airtame application (which brings added functionality, such as the ability to share wirelessly to multiple displays at the same time).

2. Improved Student Engagement

With Airtame, you can bring your lessons to life and engage your students in new and exciting ways. You can share videos, images, and presentations to your display, making it easier for students to follow along and understand the material. Wireless screen sharing allows students to share their work to a central classroom screen, making group presentations easy, and fostering feedback from their fellow peers.

3. Encourage Active Learning

Active learning involves students learning by either enacting or explaining the subject matter to their peers. With Airtame’s bring-your-own-device policy, students can connect to Airtame from almost any device, including Chromebooks, Macs, Windows, and Linux computers, as well as iOS and Android devices. This cross-platform compatibility facilitates active learning, allowing more students to present in front of their class or larger groups and makes Airtame perfect for both 1-to-1 and BYOD environments. Moderator mode lets educators and other staff members disconnect anyone from Airtame, giving you the power to allow screen sharing and disconnect students when needed.

4. Promote Educational Messaging

In addition to providing wireless teaching and presenting, Airtame also provides digital signage options for your classroom display. Airtame Cloud enables the setup of a single image or website, a welcome message, and screen sharing instructions across all Airtame-enabled displays. You can also showcase various multimedia as digital signage, such as student projects or artwork, class schedules, upcoming sporting events, daily cafeteria menus, and more. Leverage your digital displays to promote health and safety guidelines throughout your classroom and common areas. Here’s what Warren County Public Schools had to say about Airtame’s digital signage: “Airtame has empowered us to share district-wide signage and videos, such as the student-created projects we displayed during Digital Citizenship Week to celebrate students’ digital agility and safety.”

5. Aid Punctuality

Use the Room Overview feature in the Airtame App to synchronize with your school’s Microsoft or Google Calendar and create a timetable, which can be displayed in hallways, break rooms, cafeterias, libraries, and other areas. You’ll also save time with Airtime’s wireless capabilities, eliminating the need to search for cables.

In conclusion, Airtame products are an excellent solution for educators who want to simplify the use of technology in the classroom while creating the perfect learning environment for student engagement. With features such as easy wireless screen sharing and digital signage, Airtame can enhance your teaching experience, save you time and effort, and improve your students’ learning outcomes. As Rob Cover, Assistant Manager – School Technology Operations for York Region District School Board states, “These devices are all about providing a classroom environment that is more engaging, and richer for learning. Does the product enhance or ease the classroom environment? In both cases, it does just by virtue of its connectivity and agnosticism. It simplifies display technology for the teacher, which enhances the curriculum and the teaching”. By leveraging Airtame’s capabilities, you can create a more interactive and dynamic classroom environment that will benefit both you and your students. So why not give Airtame a try and see how it can make your life easier as a teacher?

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