Set up Airtame 2 with these easy steps

You’re on your way to wireless screen sharing
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Install Airtame 2

Plug the Aircord into the HDMI port of your TV or projector.

Powering options

A. Use the power adapter included in the box.

B. Use the Airtame PoE Adapter (sold separately).

See our full installation guide


Connect Airtame 2 to your network

1. Download for Windows Download for Mac Go to Chromestore Download for Linux 64-bit

Tap on ‘Screen Mirroring’ from your iPhone.

More download options at

2. Open the app, click “Set up”, and follow the instructions there.

2. Select the name of the Airtame from the list.

3. Start presenting.

See advanced setup options

See advanced setup options


Manage Airtame 2 with Airtame Cloud

1. Go to

2. Create your organization.

3. Add your Airtame 2 to your organization.

Airtame 2 setup and installation

Let us show you how to install and setup Airtame 2


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