Seven benefits of Airtame for schools

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Seven benefits of Airtame for schools
Angela Murphy
March 3rd, 2021

Here’s what your school community can achieve through wireless screen sharing and digital signage with Airtame.

A 2019 Futuresource report found Airtame to be the most sold screen sharing solution across schools in North America. Why is Airtame so popular? Because it can help you achieve the following. 

1. Facilitate teacher mobility

Physical mobility includes the option to move around within and between classrooms without being tethered to a desk. Airtame offers such mobility, as you don’t need to play around with any cables, adapters, or dongles in order to use it. Instead, you can connect wirelessly to one or multiple classroom displays from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. How? By either using the free desktop app or native screen sharing options, outlined here.

Another type of mobility is the power to allow others to screen share. As well as the possibility to disconnect them. Moderator mode lets teachers and other staff members disconnect anyone from Airtame. This helps in the rare case that a student or guest presenter has forgotten to do so themselves. What’s more, it’s available at no additional cost in Airtame Cloud.

2. Encourage active learning

Active learning is when pupils learn something by acting it out themselves or having to explain it to their peers. Airtame supports a bring-your-own-device policy. Students can connect from Chromebook, Mac, Windows, or Linux computers. They can also share to Airtame from iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. Cross-platform support combined with an easy-to-use product means that more students can experience active learning by presenting in front of a class or larger assembly. 

3. Promote health and safety guidelines

In addition to wireless teaching and presenting, Airtame also offers digital signage across displays. With Airtame Cloud Lite, you can set up a single image or website, as well as a welcome message and screen sharing instructions across all Airtame-equipped displays. Cloud Plus offers signage apps that showcase video, image galleries, clocks, dashboards, class timetables, project management tracking, and more. Whether you use Cloud Lite or Plus, you can use your displays to promote health and safety guidelines across classrooms, meeting rooms, and common areas

4. Aid punctuality

One of the most popular signage apps in Cloud Plus is Room Overview. This app syncs with your school’s Microsoft or Google Calendar to generate a timetable. This is particularly useful to display around hallways, break rooms, cafeterias, libraries, etc. People can always refer to displays in these types of spaces to make sure they’re not running late to a meeting or class. 

Airtame also aids punctuality by eliminating the need to hunt for the right cable! Swapping out multiple cables and adapters for Airtame brings us to our next point. 

5. Support blended learning 

Many educators still have roughly half the class physically present at school and the rest joining virtually. A variety of video conferencing solutions have been implemented to support this setup. The good news is that, with Airtame, screen sharing can take place alongside a conference call so that everyone can participate. Check out this article to learn more about using Airtame with different conferencing systems.

6. Minimize cable clutter

On top of freeing teachers from the front of the room, a wireless solution makes for a tidier and safer classroom. A single Y-shaped cable attaches Airtame to your display and connects it to a power source. This can all be neatly tucked away behind a TV or Interactive Flat Panel. Minimizing the presence of cables certainly reduces the risk of tripping. What’s more, going for a wireless solution can potentially help schools save money otherwise spent on replacing damaged or missing cables and adapters. On the subject of technical upkeep,

7. Make life easier for technicians

Airtame Cloud offers free, remote access to limitless device management and updates. Technicians can organize Airtame devices into groups according to their location (e.g. specific building on campus) or function (e.g. classrooms vs. meeting rooms). The Cloud account owner can invite multiple members of staff to join and assign certain user roles with different access levels. Airtame Cloud can assist a proactive approach to tech support, thanks to performance indicators like signal strength being visible in the online portal.

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Angela Murphy
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