Unboxing our new sustainable packaging

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Unboxing our new sustainable packaging
Jessica Navarro
March 14th, 2019

Sustainable packaging is not a trend, it’s a must! Here’s a rundown on the rollout of our new eco-friendly Airtame boxing

The release of Airtame 2 gave us the opportunity to improve our product, and we’re not just talking about the device itself.

When you receive a new Airtame, the first step you take is a natural one: unboxing the device. But what do you do with the packaging when you’re done setting up your Airtame?

The thought of our boxes sitting in a landfill made us realize we had a chance to completely rethink our packaging in a way that reduces our environmental footprint. From that point on, our hardware and design teams set out to develop more sustainable packaging.

The result is a revamp of our packaging, specifically the outer box, the inlay that holds Airtame 2, and the instruction manuals. It not only looks good but makes us feel good too.

The new Airtame sustainable packaging and inlay

Sustainable from the outside in

When developing our packaging, we had three main priorities. The packaging had to:

  1. Help users quickly set up their Airtames
  2. Protect the device and accessories during transport
  3. Be easy for users to dispose of

We spoke with a few suppliers that offered different options. Our first consideration was a carton material, which is similar to that used in our original packaging. This material, however, did not fit our vision for the new Airtame 2 packaging: simple, sustainable, sturdy.

The 3 Ss of sustainable packaging - Simply, Sustainable, Sturdy

Our search for the right materials supplier finally led us to DS Smith for the outer box and PaperFoam for the inlay that holds the Airtame 2 device within the box. DS Smith offers a wide range of protective packaging materials. This and their dedication to recyclable materials made them an attractive option.

To hold the Airtame 2 device inside the box, however, cardboard was not a viable option, as we needed something with more pliability and softness. Enter, PaperFoam.  

From potatoes to PaperFoam

We discovered PaperFoam, a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material that can be molded to the shape we need.

PaperFoam mixes starch from potatoes, natural fibers, water, and their own secret ingredient, to create their lightweight, yet cushioning inlay. Yes, the raw materials are technically edible, but we wouldn’t encourage snacking on the finished product.

Making the change to more sustainable packaging is great, but how does it really help users set up their Airtames more quickly?

An illustration of two Airtame employees creating sustainable packaging with PaperFoam

Benefits of recyclable materials and sustainable processes

Choosing sustainable materials also has powerful results with regards to making it easier for users.

Whether you’re unboxing one Airtame or one hundred, you can easily dispose of the box and inlay in one recycling bin. This is possible because a majority of the packaging material is not only made of sustainable materials but also simplified down to a similar type of recyclable material – mainly cardboard. Less time spent on sorting waste means you can set up Airtames much more efficiently.

Turning efficient into sustainable

Choosing recyclable cardboard and paper materials plus PaperFoam’s specially formulated inlays is a humble step towards creating sustainable processes at Airtame. The road to more sustainable packaging is not without some bumps and comes with its own learning curve.

Sustainability does not only stop at packaging materials. Our hardware and engineering teams are currently looking at ways to make the Airtame product more environmentally friendly and energy efficient in your office or school. Watch this space for any updates on that!

Not heard of Airtame before? Check out our quick intro video:

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Jessica Navarro
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