How to convince your boss that you need to buy Airtame for your workplace

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How to convince your boss that you need to buy Airtame for your workplace
June 28th, 2018

How do you persuade your boss that you need to buy Airtame for your business? Here’s a a list of the most convincing arguments

Whether you’re the IT admin, junior accountant, or procurement manager, you need some convincing arguments to throw your boss’ way when it comes to purchasing new tech gear. Not only do you need to bring them around to the value of the new tech for the business, you need to convince them it’s worth the budget. If you’ve heard of us, enjoy what we offer and would like your company to buy Airtame 2 and roll out the best in class screen sharing and AV solution, this article is for you.

Airtame 2 is a platform-agnostic wireless HDMI solution. It works great for your daily meeting room setups. Besides that, you have the option of showing custom content and digital signage from app integrations such as Trello, Unsplash, Google Slides and World Clock.

The right tools can take the hassle away from meeting room equipment troubles and digital signage problems. That’s what Airtame 2 does. Have a look at these arguments why Airtame 2 increases productivity and simplifies office routines.

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1. Unlock better meetings

37% of employee time is spent in meetings, and a great deal of that time is taken up by figuring out equipment and connections. Meeting room equipment shouldn’t take focus away from productivity, yet that’s often the case.

Having Airtame 2 in meeting room environments helps bring focus and concentration. Just connect Airtame 2 to your screen, download the Airtame app and you’re ready to go. It’s easy to configure and customize, and it looks great sitting idle too. It gives the workplace better flow without the inconvenience of regular setups.

Forget spinning monitors around so others can see the screen. Forget hooking up cables and other devices, and tripping over and breaking them. Forget worrying about what hardware visitors or team members from outside the office utilize – Airtame 2 works with all.

2. Low cost

In many businesses, buying new and fancy tech equipment is an action of rarity, one that comes with a tight budget. Airtame 2 is cheaper than most competitors with a starting price of only $499 but offers the same or more features. Check out some of the comparison articles we’ve written about similar products versus Airtame 2. Minimize costs without having to settle.

3. No nonsense, risk-free 30-day trial policy

Don’t hesitate to buy Airtame 2 if you’re still unsure it’s the right fit for your business. If you end up not liking it after the 30-day trial period, you can return it for whatever reason. We provide a full cash refund or free replacements in the case of damaged or faulty items.

The reason for providing a no nonsense 30-day trial is that we want you to test the product and the features we offer to make sure you’re making the right decision that suits your needs.

4. Custom digital signage

There are several advantages to digital signage. Influence customers, potential customers, and co-workers. We understand the value of employees being updated with the latest information and knowledge.

With the latest firmware update, we offer app integrations that will help your business get the most out of screens when no one is streaming to them. Currently, Airtame supports team collaboration tool Trello, beautiful imagery by Unsplash, presentational slides with Google Slides and an overview of current local times with World Clock.

Welcome guests with the perfect message and place information where visiting customers are sure to notice it. Changing it is easy and can be done remotely.

Digital signage as one of the reasons to buy Airtame

5. Always-on support

Time is money. So goes the old saying, and we know it to be true. We value your time, and that’s why we have immediate support via email, chat or call anytime you need it.

Problems before a meeting? Our current answer rate is within three minutes, so even emergencies in the here and now can be solved quickly, meaning you can get on with your business.

6. Reduce support tickets by 80%

Because Airtame 2 is simple to set up and use, your tech support department will no longer drown in support tickets. It’s easy to update and manage devices from the cloud, even if you’re not on site.

In fact, the number of support tickets can be reduced significantly after deploying Airtame. When Lake Superior College added Airtame to their classrooms, IT admins noticed that they now have 75-80% fewer support tickets.

7. Simple overview

Airtame is a wireless HDMI solution with many management options that come in handy at any office. Whether you have one or many screens, using Airtame 2 sets a strong precedent for solid overviews and maintenance with the Airtame Cloud. Display exactly the kind of content you want and change it whenever.

8. Cut the cables

We spend so much time and effort making our meeting rooms look smart and nice, only to go spoil it with ugly mounds of connection cables left on the table. It leaves you a bad impression on external guests, and frustrates colleagues.

Fortunately, this is where Airtame 2 really steps up. No more cables! You don’t have to detangle a bunch of input cables trying to find the right one to fit your laptop, and there’s no “extra” device needed. Just connect to Airtame via the app, and you’re all set. The app also allows for easy access when guests are visiting.

Man presenting wirelessly in a meeting

9. Ease of use in any business

We designed Airtame 2 to take away some of the chaos in a hectic work environment. It’s up and running in just a few minutes with instructions on how to use it right there on the screen. Our solution even comes with personalized on-screen instructions in almost every language.

It’s simple to use and reliable in all situations, and your staff doesn’t have to be tech-savvy individuals or part of the IT department to know how it works. It’s as easy and intuitive as flicking on a light switch.

Go for equipment that works simply, yet effectively. Go for a stable, supportive environment for entrepreneurs. Go for seamless integration and an overall improved experience at work.

Are you ready to buy Airtame 2? Check our pricing model here or book a demo today to get started. We look forward to having you onboard.


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