Product news and highlights from 2020

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Product news and highlights from 2020
Angela Murphy
December 14th, 2020

In the spirit of gratitude for what has gone well in 2020, here’s a summary of product news and related highlights from this past year.

January: Relaunch of Airtame Cloud 

The year kicked off with the news that two plans were coming to Airtame Cloud: Lite and Plus.

Lite is a free version of the product, offering the core features needed to manage and update Airtame devices, along with light digital signage features.

Plus is a premium version that includes power-saving functionality and advanced digital signage.

April: Miracast release and COVID-19 response

Many Windows and Android enthusiasts welcomed the news of Miracast support. Instead of running or downloading an app, Miracast lets you use the screen sharing already available on your computer or mobile device.

As workers and students were sent home, we decided to give away Airtame Cloud Plus for free so that the essential workers who remained would still have access. Airtame was also able to help health care efforts by 3D printing medical visors that were in short supply and lending computing power to run medical simulations.

May: Introducing the YouTube app 

The YouTube app was a much-requested addition to the digital signage options in Airtame Cloud Plus. The app is great for remotely sharing recorded videos as well as live broadcasts across Airtame-equipped displays.

June: Delivering the Moderator tool

The team pressed on to deliver the Moderator tool, which gives teachers and other professionals control over a class, workshop, or meeting. The Moderator tool is available in both Airtame Cloud Lite and Plus. It lets you disconnect any presenter who forgets to do so themselves, helping avoid distractions and delays.

September: Touchback with Miracast 

As some schools cautiously reopened, they were able to try out Touchback support when screen sharing with Airtame. Touchback makes an interactive display an extension of your personal device; whatever you do on the display will be reflected on your Windows computer, Android smartphone, or tablet—and vice versa.

Touchback gives teachers an extra layer of flexibility. You can move around a room with your laptop or mobile device in hand while wirelessly sharing class material. At any point, you can put down your device and switch to controlling the class from the front of the room on the interactive display.

October: Airtame 1 Upgrade Program

Many loyal customers have taken advantage of the discounted pricing available with the Airtame 1 Upgrade Program. Announced in October and lasting until the end of 2020, this program lets you trade in your Airtame 1 device for a $100 discount on Airtame 2, plus six months of free access to Airtame Cloud Plus.

November: Scheduled Content and Native AirPlay

Both digital signage and screen sharing received significant updates towards the end of the year. The first update was Scheduled Content, a planning tool in Cloud Plus that lets you organize digital signage apps according to specific times of day and days of the week.

The second update was a complete revamp of AirPlay. This development has meant smoother, more stable screen sharing for anyone presenting to Airtame from their iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. It also marked a significant milestone, with Airtame now supporting the “big three” native protocols (Miracast, Google Cast, AirPlay) as a result of our partnership with AirServer.

An optimistic outlook for 2021

Despite the challenges of this past year, Airtame is still widely used within workplaces and schools all around the world. 

More than 37,000 new Airtame devices were deployed in 2020. And more than 4,500 organizations joined Airtame Cloud.

We’re looking forward to exciting product developments in the coming year.

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