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Bond Collective

Bond Collective is a luxury collection of coworking spaces located throughout New York City. Each space has a distinct atmosphere that gives its tenants a state-of-the-art designer space for their professional needs.





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The challenge

As Bond Collective had just opened up a new space, they wanted their users to be able to easily connect to all of the screens. They had previously used HDMI cables, but they constantly broke or went missing, or their users couldn’t find the right adapter that fit their equipment.

The perfect solution for Bond Collective would be one that could easily help users with all kinds of devices connect to the screens – without the hassle of cables that would also ruin the aesthetics. In short, they wanted a simple, approachable, and easy to use solution.

The solution

Bond Collective decided to install Airtames in all of their big meeting rooms to replace the broken or missing HDMI cables. It was easy to install and manage by Bond Collective’s staff themselves instead of a third party IT company.

Little guidance was needed for installation, meaning more of staff and users’ time can stay focused on work instead of overcoming technical difficulties.

The results

Bond’s management team noticed that members responded positively to how much easier the connectivity process is with Airtame, and that switching between people’s devices with ease is Airtame’s best feature.

Bond Collective said they appreciate not just the finer details of the Airtame design,but the greater impact of how simple it is to use too.
“What is important for us in any tech solution is that we provide something that’s easily used,” said Tim Bailey, Director of Operations at Bond Collective. “For us, that has been Airtame over anything that we’ve used.”

Bond Collective saw an increase in member engagement as a result of adding a high te4ch solution that’s simple to use and caters to a multitude of devices. Members who hadn’t previously used these amenities started embracing screen sharing technology after seeing how easy Airtame made it to deliver visual presentations and share information with guests. This led to a more open and collaborative working environment.

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