The challenge

Bond Collective wanted to provide all members with easy access to meeting room screens throughout its coworking spaces. Previously, members accessed screen sharing via HDMI cables but that proved highly problematic as the cables frequently broke or went missing.

The bigger challenge was the myriad devices members brought with them to work: Apple and Android smartphones and laptops, Microsoft tablets and so on. To access the screen sharing capability, members needed to find the right adapter their equipment, but those too were lost or broken.

Bond Collective needed a solution that allows all members to connect to the screens using any device. And as a company that prides itself on its world class amenities, seamless, hassle-free wireless connection was paramount.

The solution

Bond Collective installed Airtame’s wireless screen sharing and collaborative platform in all of its meeting rooms, saying goodbye to unsightly HDMI cables and the snags those cables created for members. Bond Collective’s own staff quickly and easily installed Airtime, and thanks to Airtame Cloud, they’re able to monitor and manage all 59 Airtame devices from the convenience of their desks.

Now that staff no longer needs to resolve HDMI cable snafus, they’re able to focus on other projects that contribute to Bond Collective’s bespoke atmosphere.

The results

From the start, Bond Collective’s management team noticed the positive reaction to Airtame among members. Members can easily use any iOS, Android or Microsoft device. Bond Collective’s management team believe the easy connectivity is Airtame’s best feature.

And because Bond Collective places a high priority on aesthetics, Airtame’s sleek design is highly appreciated while Airtame’s ease of use impresses them most.

“The top priority for any tech solution we provide for our members is ease of use,” explained Tim Bailey, Director of Operations at Bond Collective. “Airtame meets that requirement. It is worlds above anything else we’ve used.”

Since installation, Bond Collective measured an increase of member usage of meeting room bookings. The result is a more open and collaborative work environment.

See Airtame in action